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An EXCITING COLLECTION OF TRUE, FAITH BUILDING  stories. Most have NEVER TOLD BEFORE.  Stories from missionaries working in many countries. We have witnessed  the LORD DOING MIRACLES, answering prayers in incredible ways during my 20 years as a missionary.

A book of short chapters: telling of amazing things God has done  on mission fields and in people’s lives. A compilation of Miracles done by our God — collected from many countries.

Great for gifts to encourage others

“K. was an orphan raised by her aunt. She was initiated into ancestral worship of the god of the forest.  As a result K. could not lead a normal life… she constantly heard and danced to drum beats that no one else could hear.  Whenever she stopped dancing, she fell to the ground and had seizures …    … her aunt agreed to take her niece and go with our brother to our training center where she was prayed for by team members.  She was healed. Today K. is completely delivered from the generational ancestral spirits and is a follower of Jesus.  Her face now radiates joy, peace and God’s love.”   —  from our missionaries in Africa

…  an inspirational book designed to encourage and grow faith … A great gift for friends — or use it as a tract to give to enquirers to encourage their journey to faith.

Or, Read it as a devotional: short chapters, 53 pages  ….   to inspire and bless yourself at any time. 

A PERFECT GIFT :  A book to give as a gift to friends and others who are not sure about Christianity.  The miracles show God at work in power, doing mighty acts that ONLY God can do.  Evidence of the power and truth of our Lord’s answers when His people call on His name.

Butterfly B

……………. His promise to you;  “Ask and it shall be given to you…”


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      A book to bless and grow faith.

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