Attack at Shark Bay

A high-octane, rip-roaring adventure story for kids eight years and up. When their favorite teacher suddenly goes missing and the police haven’t found him, The Riwaka Gang, four country kids who love adventure, decide to get involved. Jackson, Jessica, Rangi and Sam will need every skill plus a ton of courage. Dangerous situations and extreme challenges confront them. But will they find Mr. Chapman? With so many impossibilities, the odds are stacked high against them. The story is set in a quiet, seaside, country town in New Zealand – in the South Pacific. ‘A gripping, high-speed adventure story with loads of New Zealand imagery – kids love it.’

Readers Comments :

“A gripping high-speed adventure story with loads of New Zealand imagery…”

“What an exciting story. I was then enthralled from start to finish and became part of The Riwaka Gang…”

One mother says: “This is a book I wished was available when my children were younger. It’s a great adventure story with plenty of action and illustrates traditional values we have always cherished.”

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